designer  <noun / dI'zaI.nÉ™>

a person who devises and executes how something could be made
and draws plans for it.

I am happy to call myself a designer. A website/graphic designer in particular. I have a background in Computer Science and recently have an interest in design, visual language, aesthetics and conceptual driven. Combinding my skills of designing and developing, I found myself can be easily switched from designer to developer and vice versa. I also like to practise and learn how to initiate an idea and implement it.

I love animation and drawing. I draw person, tree, flowers, patterns, cartoon, etc on my spare time or even when I'm on a phone. It happened to me that when I spent a lot of time on the phone, I would automatically grab a pencil and draw. I am eager to develop my skill in creating animation and hopefully I will have a short story to show everyone soon!

Designer's mind?
I'm not sure what to call this. Mostly, when I see design material (e.g. advertising, brochure, banner). I will try to think about the techniques behind. "Can I do this? If I have to do it, how I will do it differently? This is awesome,...". These are something that pop up in my mind.